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At Lethal Cheats, we give you the ability to dominate the battlefield.
We strive to provide you with the best undetected cheats for BattleEye and EAC protected games and more.

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Lethal products

Key Features

Listed below are some of our key features that are shared across all our products, not including some of our game specific features such as DayZ speedhack!


When playing you may loose a battle due to loosing track on an enemy. At Lethal we provide customisable aimbot with amazing movment prediction, with the ability to change smoothness factors and FOV range to allow you to demolish the enemy teams and take that dub!


Visuals are an importent part of any cheat, as it gives you the edge by letting you know where enemy's are located as well as their health and also items in the games world. We provide multiple different of visual types to fit your liking.


At lethal we aim at providing the best user freindly experiance for our customers, such as a user freindly loader and easy to navigate in game menu user interface built from the ground up, because we are anti imgui around here!

Fast updates

At Lethal we developed our framework to allow our cheats to stay working after small game updates, but when a big update comes out that requires one of our cheats to be updated we are quick to get working on the update, and compensate for downtimes!