Lethal Legal

Copyright Infringement Complaints

Software held on does not copy or contain any code from any game software or any copyrighted assets/materials.
All content provided/sold via is copyright works of Lethal Game Solutions.

All products sold on are digital goods, all providing VIP content for curtain timeframes (e.g. 1 Day or 1 Month), this is automatically activated onto the customers account after purchase if bought via card on the site, if bought via shoppy with crypto a redeemable licence key will be sent to the customer's email.
No software is sold by Lethal Cheats, just VIP access to website features are granted on licence redemption.
Each customer agrees when purchasing products from that by using Lethal Game Solutions software they may violate a 3rd partys EULA and that they the customer agrees they are breaking that 3rd partys EULA at their own choice and that they are reliable for their actions not Lethal Game Solutions, protecting Lethal Game Solutions from being liable for "encouraging" customers to breach any 3rd party EULA, as sells no software just VIP website access to unlock fun website features.

Note: All advertisment images are owned by their respected copyright holders and if you are the copy right holder and wish for your images not to be used, contact the complaints email following

Are you a copyright holder? and believe any products owned by Lethal Game Solutions somehow violate your intelectial property rights?
contact us: [email protected]

Data Collection

At we take data privacy very seriously, and pledge to keep all customers data secure and won't provide or sell any user data to 3rd partys.

Lethal Collects multiple hardware identifies when your run any software from

  • Computer Component Serials
  • Computer Component Names
  • Connecting IP Addresses
All collected data is hashed and encrypted on our servers and not visible to administrators.


All payments are handled via 3rd partys, including card payments handled by a 3rd party via stripe. Bitcoin purchases are made via shoppy via a 3rd party, not by administrators at Lethal Game Solutions.

Lethal Game Solutions only sells directly via, any accounts sold via 3rd partys are managed by the respected party and customers of such sellers should contact their seller for support / questions.

Denial Of Service

Lethal Game Solutions holds the right to deny service to anyone or any persons.
Any person from the following companies including any 3rd party contractor or business associated with the following are denied access to our software and services. Battle Eye, Easy Anticheat, Epic Games, Bohemia Interactive, Respawn Entertainment.
If found violating this order applicable legal action will be taken towards the individual / company in question.

Limited Licence

Lethal Game Solutions apon licence redemtion grants you non-sublicensable VIP access, this licence is subject to this agreement and our TOS located at
Any violation of the TOS will result in your licence being terminated.


Lethal Game Solutions may terminate or suspend any and all licences linked to any registered account immediantely, without prior notice or liability. for any reason beyond Lethal Game Solutions reasonable control or if you breach the terms and conditions of the agreed TOS.

Service Integrity

Lethal Game Solutions holds all rights to take any messures under the law to protect its services integrity. This can involve litigation towards indeviduals or companies who are seen as direct threats to its service, for example...

  • Atempting to modify our client software
  • Denial of service attacks towards any Lethal Game Solution's servers
  • Any breach of our TOS
Any illegal acts targetted towards Lethal Game Solutions will be reported to the correct law enforcement.